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Growing a Community-Respecting our Elders

By participating in this survey you offer your valuable input on the services you wish to see available, how you prefer to engage, and whether you're interested in becoming an annual member for complimentary services. We would love to hear your thoughts and preferences. Your feedback is incredibly valuable to us! Please pick up and drop off paper surveys in Rim Forest at the Rim Recreation and Parks office.

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The Lake Arrowhead
Gathering Place

A Center for those who refuse to age quietly!

Technology Education
Come Along With Us and Grow a Community

A community center specifically tailored for seniors, providing a haven for them to congregate, engage in diverse activities, and seek support and companionship throughout the year. We are a lifeline for older adults in all seasons.

The new Lake Arrowhead Gathering Place envisions itself as more than just a space for seniors—it aims to be a hub where local entities can unite through diverse activities and opportunities. It will promote health and wellness, facilitate physical fitness activities, and host special interest groups. Additionally, it will serve as a communal meeting spot catering to the broader needs of the community. It's envisioned as a space where existing, new, and visiting groups from Lake Arrowhead can collaborate, furthering the missions of numerous nonprofit organizations dedicated to serving the mountain community. By Collaborating in partnership with the Lake Arrowhead Rotary Foundation we can reach and fulfill the needs of the community which is 45.8% over 50.....The most densly populated group of seniors in the state!


Heading 6

In Partnership with the Rotary Club of Lake Arrowhead and the Lake Arrowhead Rotary Foundation


A hub for seniors to gather, offering both mental and physical stimulation. We offer classes for both the physical body and to stimulate the mind. 

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